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Brief Introduction

Guangzhou Yinxun Comm. Tech. Co., Ltd. was founded on Jan.,11st, 2002. It is a new and high-tech enterprise. The company is production factory for communication equipment, which is integrated with development, production, sales and service.

The company’s whole products are produced by self-developing and research (possess core technology), the R&D engineer team all have technical developing experience for more than 20yrs. We have abundant technical strength, authority and speciality. And the company also possess multi-item patent technology, copyright of computer software.

The product of company is including: PCM multiplexer, PDH optical transmitter, SDH optical transmission device, DXC cross connect equipment, MSTP multi-purpose access platform, multi-purpose access equipment based on 4G line, sub-rate multiplexer based on satellite 64K bandwidth, multi-purpose access platform based on IP dedicate circuit, SDH and PCM multi-purpose integrated device, E1 non-damage channel auto-protect switching device, telephone optical transceiver, optical fiber integrated access device, user line switching device, multiplexer, protocol converter and so on, among which the ZMUX series product developed by the company meets demand and customizes product for user from various industries.

Product Features:

1.Flexible networking: can be formed a variety of networking forms, such as SDH looped network, star network, tree formed network, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, etc.

2.A variety of transmission line is optional: a variety of transmission line can be based on optical fiber, 2M/E1 line, IP dedicated circuit, microwave, satellite, 4GLTE, etc.

3.Multiform functional interface is optional: there are more than 20 kinds of function interfaces to be optional.

4.Audio frequency interface is including: Telephone(FXO/FXS),2 line audio frequency, 4 line audio frequency, 2 line EM,4 line EM, magneto telephone, hotline telephone, VHF interface, etc. (Better match to a variety of VHF radio station, remote-control box).

Data interface is including: RS232, RS485, RS422, radar interface (Better match to a variety of secondary radar at home and abroad), Ethernet, V.35, CAD interface, X.21, G.703 co-directional 64K data, etc.

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