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Compact type access series
Optical fiber integrated access device _ integrated optical transceiver _32 channels telephone_ZMUX-3036


1~30 channels (V.34,v.24,VHF...) over E1 cross pcm

    ZMUX-3036 is a multi-function, intelligent PCM multiplexing equipment, mainly to complete the telephone, audio, data, images and other integrated business access, through cross-multiplexing to 1 ~ 4 E1 transmission, to achieve integrated business signal point to point or point Multi-point communication function.

Product Overview

ZMUX-3036 is self-R&D producted by Guangzhou Yinxun Comm.Tech.Co.,ltd.It is compact PCM multi service multiplexing equipment which is made of the latest large-scale digital integrated circuit and thick & thin film process technology.

ZMUX-3036 design as modular. 1~30 user interface can be optional distribution (business interface: telephone, 2W audio frequency, 4W audio frequency, 2 wire EM, 4 wire EM, RS232, RS485, Rs422, n*64k Ethernet module,V.35 interface module, magnet interface module, G.703 syntropy64K module etc.) The business interface module is a single card, according to the actual needs of customers of any matching, mixed, very flexible to meet the needs of customers.

ZMUX-3036 equipment is advanced.Network is very flexible.It can be used for point to point, point to multipoint, chain, tree, star network topology .ZMUX-3036 equipment design as 1U high rack, small occupied space.The equipment is stable and reliable, especially suitable for business amount not much of a subscriber station integrated access and multiplexing.And it has been widely used in electric power, the army, police, government, Civil Aviation,enterprises, coal, oil and other industries for network communication. The equipment is simple, easy to understand, with complete state indicating lamp.It can display the running status of equipment or failure to reason correctly .Its management and maintenance is very convenient.

Optical fiber integrated access device _ integrated optical transceiver _32 channels telephone_ZMUX-3036

Interface NO.Interface NameInstruction
Link interface4 channel E1 (2M) electrical port, 75Ωor 125 Ωoptional
User interface36 channels user interface, designed as modular.It can be inserted according to the actual application . The 4 channles n*64k Ethernet interface (bandwidth is independent), 32channels multi service interface (such as: voice calls, 4 W audio, RS232 etc.)
System indicatorEquipment alarm indicator lights, running lights.
Power supply interface and Switch-48V DC power supply plug (green), power switch (red)
Dial switch10 dial switch, equipment function set
Network managementThe local network management interface, RS485 or RS232 optional.
Ground terminalEquipment grounding


4 channel E1 interface conforms to ITU-T G.703, 75Ωor 125 Ωoptional. 

Support: time slot cross connection, E1 line 1+1 protection /n:m protection. Ethernet bandwidth across the E1 distribution, service broadcast / branch / assembly /, user port monitoring function.

Provide 1~32 Multi service interfaces, 1~4 Ethernet slot ,customize according to requirements.

1 pieces of module corresponding to the 1 channel user interface, each module is independent.Their expansion or change configuration are very convenient.

Compatible: loop relay interface /FXO, analog subscriber line interface /FXS, 4W audio, RS232/V.24, Ethernet module. 

Perfect alarm functions, support self loop testing. 

It can be interflowed with other PCM equipment.

Equipment is safe and reliable, they achieve to China three national standard of lightning protection.Multi-stage lightning protection circuit and it can resist high impact of4000V multi-level , each user interface have protection function for overcurrent and overvoltage.

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