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Guangzhou Yinxun upgrades radar transmission rate for air traffic control & airport

Guangzhou Yinxun has successfully upgraded the radar transmission rate for many air traffic control and airports in China, from 9.6Kbps, 19.2Kbps to 38.4Kbps, 64Kbps. After the upgrade, all operating data is normal, packet loss & errors are resolved for the air traffic control and airport signal data phenomenon.

Avoid entering radar signal mistakes: Through the network management settings, avoid the ghosting of the radar signal on the display. The centralized monitoring system can set and monitor the entire network equipment configuration information, transmission link status, power port status, etc.

For speed-upgraded radar stations, the radar signal quality analysis shows that there is no packet loss and error codes in the radar data, and the speed-up of mobile radar is successfully completed within a limited downtime.

The smooth acceleration of the radar has laid a safe foundation for ensuring the increasing number of flights and the increase in the amount of information transmitted by radar data.

The traditional radar rate can not meet the huge amount of data information and cannot meet the increasing pressure of the flight volume, so the radar transmission rate must be improved from 9.6k bit to higher rate.

At present, radar digital sharing device commonly used in the field of air traffic control, such as: BlackBox's PSD-4 and PSD-8, RAD's RSD-10, the highest baud rate only supports 19.2Kbps, which cannot meet the development requirements for the future acceleration of radar data.

For the large load of the transmission link, in order to ensure the reliable transmission of the radar signal and meet the user's connection requirements, after a lot of research and sufficient experience, our company developed a high-speed, large-capacity radar data digital sharing device, the model "ZMUX-DS-24".


ZMUX-DS-24 can share (copy) 1 channel radar data into multiple channels, supporting a maximum of 64K rate and providing a maximum of 24 radar interfaces.

The advantages of ZMUX-DS-24:

1)24 channels radar interface can random combination,for example: 2 groups 1 distribute to 11, 3 groups 1 distribute to 7, 2 groups 1 distribute to 8 and 1 group 1 distribute to 4, etc.  ……

2)supports 64K, 48K, 38.4K, 19.2K, 9.6K, etc. The input and output interfaces can be set at different rates.

3)each radar interface can be set to input or output mode, and also can be set an internal clock or an external clock

4)provides 24 button switches to independently turn the corresponding radar interface on or off.

5)perfect indicator function, can confirm that each radar interface works as input or output mode and data communication status through the indicator light.

6)dual power cards redundancy,dual power input 1+1 protection, AC 220V or DC -48V optional

7)support centralized network management monitoring

8)support remote diagnosis and upgrade function

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